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Lancaster Vodka Masterclass,

December 2007



A History of Vodka, William Pokhlebkin

(translated by Renfrey Clarke)

A reference in terms of vodka history as it is the direct result of the researches made during the legal battle between Poland and Russia over the origin of vodka.





40 Dregrees East, An Anatomy of Vodka, Nicholas Ermochkine & Peter Igliowski

Probably one of the most impartial pieces of litterature about vodka as it is co-written by a Polish and a Russian. Interesting links to food and cultural information.







Living Water, Vodka and Russian Society on the Eve of Emancipation, David Christian

A very historical and analytic essay only focused on Russia though, rather than other parts of the ex USSR.










A Complete History of Russia, Peter Neville

A specialist on Russian history, this does not focus on vodka but contains interesting references to famous tsars that inspired vodka brands and also gives a good idea of the political impact of vodka in Russia.







Diffords Quarterly, Spring 07, Simon Difford

Simon has compiled in this edition some great bar reviews from San Francisco, London, Barcelona and Manchester along with a rich ressource of vodka information (brands by alphabetical order) and delicious vodka cocktails. A must have!







Imbibe, Drinks Business & Drinks International are some of the leading industry magazines in the UK and always contain interesting vodka reviews as well as news on brand launches. Also check out various spirits awards and medals on a regular basis, along with news on competitions.